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2014 Top Trends

Pyramid Research Predictions 2014

Global and Regional Trends in the Information,
Communications and Technology Industry

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On June 6, 2013, a leak of the existence of a secret electronic surveillance program sparked a global debate about privacy and security in electronic communications. Events like these are difficult to predict, but Pyramid Research engaged with clients to assess the implications of an environment of lower trust in security on the adoption of converged communications services and on the cloud business, and we developed a Cloud-readiness Index to help clients navigate the complexities of a changing landscape.

A year ago we predicted a number of relevant events that did take place in 2013, while missing others, such as the leak mentioned above. Mobile subscriptions will surpass the 7bn barrier in 2014, having missed the mark in 2013 due to lower-than-expected growth in some Asia Pacific markets. Although we expected Chinese operators to increase their share of the global devices market, Lenovo’s rise to the elite group of top smartphone device manufacturers happened more quickly than we anticipated. We expect Lenovo’s position to improve further in 2014 as it begins to make headway in markets outside of China.

Although unexpected events can always happen, we anticipate that 2014 will be a year of transformation, increased competition and innovation in the industry, particularly around mobile broadband and media.

Pyramid Research Predictions 2014: Global and Regional Trends in the Information, Communications and Technology Industry provides a collection of key insights on top market trends, written by Pyramid’s worldwide team of research analysts and consultants. Pyramid Research is the only firm in the industry with a 25+ year heritage in emerging markets. We are proud to be considered the partner of choice of industry leaders in the converged global communication, media and technology industries.

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