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Telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East
Unique Opportunities in Diverse Markets

Webinar: Telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East

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Session Details
Duration 46 min

Presented By:
Kerem Arsal, Manager, Africa and Middle East

Today, Africa and the Middle East is the second largest region in the world in terms of mobile subscriptions. This is a foundation which is poised to rise even higher in the future and one upon which new value will be created through improved infrastructures and advanced services. However, capturing the untapped potentials in the region is not an easy task if the diversity of the region is not recognized and the individual markets are not treated with respect to their particular necessities.

In this webinar, we describe some of the unique opportunities and challenges in a region that hosts economies ranging from the wealthy states of the Gulf to the populous sub-Saharan nations.

Findings that will be explored in this upcoming webinar include:

  • Mobile Internet revenue will maintain an explosive growth rate in the AME region and it will double in size to represent a $25bn opportunity by 2018.
  • Today, there are slightly more than 5 million households with FTTH broadband in AME. By 2018, this figure will have risen to more than 16 million.
  • In 2018, one in every two subscriptions will be running either on LTE or on 3G networks. Today, it is one in every four subscriptions.
  • Thanks to relatively liberal licensing regimes that partly offset the economic uncertainties of the region, commercial LTE services can be found in close to 10 sub-Saharan countries already.

It is no doubt that AME is a region of high risks and high returns, and therefore in its markets, information is the most valuable resource. That is why we would like to invite you to this webinar, where you will find insights drawn from our AME research, which has expanded to cover 44 countries, corresponding to 95% of the GDP in the region.

Learn more about our speaker:

Kerem Arsal

Kerem Arsal

Africa and Middle East


For more information about this session, please contact us via email at or telephone at + 1 ( 617) 747-4100

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