Analyst Insights

  • The New Telco Name for OTTS: Over the Tax 01 September 2013 Pressure is mounting on European governments and the EU to introduce measures to tax over-the-top (OTT) providers. Telcos and pay-TV providers are calling for new fiscal measures to extract money from international OTT providers that maintain legal headquarters outside their markets yet make sales and profits there.
  • Buy-back and Trade-in Programs Reduce The Weight of Subsidies for Mobile Operators 01 July 2013 Through buy-back and trade-in programs, mobile customers are encouraged to sell back their old smartphones to the operator in exchange for cash, service vouchers, gift cards and such. The second-hand devices are subsequently refurbished and sold back to other customers.
  • Operators as Merchant Aggregators: M-Commerce Strategy 01 May 2013 For mobile operators, merchant aggregation is an attractive opportunity that can be approached in different ways. The key prerequisite for a successful online mall is to provide a secure, trusted and easy-to-use environment for browsing through and paying for online products and services.