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Fiber in the Last Mile Insight Service
(September 2011)
Built around detailed operator case studies, The Fiber in the Last Mile pack uncovers the implications of different FTTH/B network models for the expansion of services, current and planned services, how the role of network service providers is evolving, and the development of new business opportunities and business models for network service providers to recoup their investment.
Mobile Commerce Landscape Insight Service
(September 2011)
The Mobile Commerce Landscape Pack offer analysis on current trends and best practices in mobile payments in emerging and developed markets. By combining key market players with unique insights on current market trends in payments, it provides analysis of different initiatives that are coming from several players.
Universal Access To Broadband InsightService
(September 2011)
The Universal Access To Broadband research pack offers analysis on current trends and best practices in towards achieving universal access in emerging markets. By combining key access indicators and forecasts with unique insights on current universal access policies and selected case studies, it provides analysis of penetration levels, technologies deployed, usages and programs and strategies to expand access to and use of ICT.
Mobile Broadband Devices Insight Service
(September 2011)
The Mobile Broadband Devices research pack offers analysis on current and future trends in mobile broadband devices unit sell-through globally, device vendor competitive landscape, analysis of the most important distribution channels as well as devices’ revenue and average selling price evolution trends
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