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LTE Business Models
(July 2014)
LTE Business Models: Best Practices in Network Deployment, Positioning and Service Pricing
The Personal Cloud: A Strategic Imperative for Operators
(April 2014)
Competitive Market Trends, Forecasts and Operator Business Models
Mobile Operators Go after the Connected Car Opportunity
(March 2014)
In ‘Mobile Operators Go after the Connected Car Opportunity; Cellular Telematics Value Chain, Business Models and Market Forecast,’ Pyramid Research examines the cellular telematics value chain, analyzes the different business models and provides market forecast for the telematics industry globally. The report looks at the various market drivers and the main types of telematics applications, such as navigation, emergency services, diagnostics, PAYD and PHY insurance, and stolen vehicle recovery. focusing on the opportunities for MNOs to expand their role. Examples from around the globe are provided throughout.
OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index
(March 2014)
In recent years, over-the-top video services such as Netflix and Hulu have gained momentum. Pyramid Research believes OTT video services are set for substantial growth worldwide, and in the long term there is a significant opportunity for pay-TV operators, telecom operators and other providers. To assess the strength of the opportunity in each market, Pyramid developed the proprietary OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index. Based on the Index, this Report, which has a global scope but pays extra attention to emerging markets, is aimed at all companies interested in deploying OTT video services.
Smartphone Strategies
(October 2013)
This report presents strategies for operators to use in response to the challenges brought by the enormous changes in the mobile market since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. It will help them reposition their businesses in order to both defend themselves against damage from the smartphone revolution and make the most of the many opportunities that that revolution has ushered in.
From Digital Content to M-Wallets: M-Payment Strategies for Operators
(July 2013)
This report critically assesses the involvement of mobile operators in the m-payment value chain and the opportunity the ecosystem presents. It is structured around 10 operator case studies, each outlining the success factors of particular mobile payment strategies implemented by service providers worldwide. Besides examining the m-payment business models adopted by operators in different geographies, we look at cutting-edge m-payment services launched by financial institutions, Google and others, and assess their effect on the position of service providers in the m-payment value chain.
Cellular M2M Connections
(January 2013)
This report looks at the developments in the cellular M2M market, providing in-depth country, regional and application-level forecasts underpinned by an in-depth analysis of some of the key drivers and challenges that the market faces. This is of particular importance given the variance in forecasts available.
South Africa Telecom Market Forecast
(November 2012)
The South African ICT market is dynamic, strategic and growing fast. It is one of the key markets in the Africa and the Middle East (AME) region because of its size and wealth and because it is the home of several important regional telecom players. Its low fixed broadband adoption is a major contributor to the dynamism of the mobile data segment, while the increase in bandwidth afforded by new international connections such as WACS (West African Cable System), which came online in May 2012, is enabling lower data pricing and higher bandwidth.
How Latin American Telcos Are Tackling the SME Cloud Opportunity
(October 2012)
The Latin America microenterprise and small to midsize enterprise (SME) cloud services market is estimated to reach $1.9bn in 2012. While this segment represents 42% of the overall market in US dollar terms, it accounts for 99 of every 100 businesses in Latin America. The market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 38% in the 2011-2017 period, to reach $12.7bn by 2017.
How NGNs Enable Advanced Telco Services
(June 2012)
The time is right for personal communications, IPTV, streaming media and NGN advocates within a service provider organization to cross organizational boundaries and have an open discussion about their respective plans and infrastructure expectations. NGNs provide one more tool for smaller service providers to answer the age-old question as to whether or not to remain in the lower layers of the network value chain and be a so-called dumb pipe. Some service providers will opt to provide pipes, while other service providers will partner with NGN infrastructure providers for advanced functionality rather than undertaking the buildout themselves.
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