M-Payment Strategies for Operators webinar
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M-Payment Strategies for Operators
From Digital Content to M-Wallets

M-Payment Strategies for Operators

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Session Details
Duration 50 min

Presented By:
Stela Bokun, Senior Analyst, Innovation and Strategy Analysis
Guest speaker: Ousmane Yatera, Analyst, Africa and Middle East Regional Research Team


This webinar will examine the key opportunities that the m-payments market presents mobile operators with, separately analyzing mobile operator involvement in digital content, m-commerce, and m-wallet ecosystems. The analysis will be conducted in the contexts of both developed and emerging (unbanked) markets. Best practices in each of the three ecosystems will be analyzed in the form of “mini” case studies covering Safaricom, NTT DoCoMo, SK Telecom and Turkcell.

The agenda for this session is as follows:

  — Market overview and background
  — M-payments definition
  — Banked v. unbanked
         • The case of Safaricom (guest speaker: Ousmane Yatera)
  — New revenue opportunities for MNOs
  — Operator approaches to m-payments
         • Digital content — the case of NTT DoCoMo
         • M-commerce — the case of SK Telecom
         • Contactless payments and m-wallet — the case of Turkcell
  — Q&A Session with Presenters

Learn more about our speakers:

Jan ten Sythoff   Daniel Ramos  

Stela Bokun

Senior Analyst,
Innovation and Strategy Analysis


Ousmane Yatera

AME Regional Research Team



For more information about this session, please contact us via email at info@pyr.com or telephone at + 1 ( 617) 747-4100

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