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Cambridge, Massachusetts- May 7, 2012- Despite a declining number of cable pay-tv subscribers, total pay-TV revenue in North America is expected to grow almost 25 percent from $99 billion in 2011 to $125 billion in 2017 thanks to current subscribers upgrading existing services, according to Pyramid Research’s bi-annual Media Forecast released last week. Download the Media Forecast Template here.

With telcos and mobile operators increasingly offering TV and video services, Pyramid Research’s Media Forecasts are designed to provide competitive intelligence on the pay-TV and mobile TV dynamics for over 52 countries, including the U.S. and Canada, as well as regionally and globally. The Media Forecasts track demand patterns for free and pay-TV services over terrestrial, satellite and mobile platforms worldwide, providing market share information at both the technology and operator levels as well as five-year adoption and revenue projections.

Other forecasts released recently include:

  • Multiplay Services Forecast: Provides service demand and revenue trends for bundled and blended telecom and media products worldwide.
  • Mobile Operator KPI: Measures the key performance indicators for up to six operators per country, and breaks down key mobile demand metrics at the operator level.
  • Mobile Demand: Quantifies current and future demand and spending on mobile voice and data services world wide
  • Mobile Data: A premium version of the standard Mobile Demand Forecast that tracks mobile demand and breaks down mobile data ARPS, revenues and subscriptions at the service level
  • Mobile Enterprise: The Mobile Enterprise Forecast quantifies and projects the portion of the mobile services market in the enterprise or business segment. Detailed data is provided on penetration of employees per size of enterprise as well as the breakdown into subscription types.
  • Fixed Communications: Quantifies fixed voice, data and internet adoption and revenues throughout the world
  • Fixed Operator Market Share:A companion to the standard Fixed Communications Forecast that tracks key market share indicators for up to three operators per country.

Based on rigorous and time-tested research methodology and data modeling, Pyramid’s Forecast Services stand as the communications industry’s most reliable forecasting tools in the market today.

Learn more about Pyramid’s forecast services here.

For more information about Pyramid Research’s products and services, please visit or email us at

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