Managed Services for Enterprises: Telco Operators and Vendors Capitalize on the Need of Businesses to Focus
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Managed Services for Enterprises
Telco Operators and Vendors Capitalize on the Need of Businesses to Focus

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As enterprises face increased financial pressure, they’re looking to managed services to offload capex and improve operational efficiencies. Additionally, enterprises are turning to managed services to enable them to focus more attention and money on core competencies. Managed services free up valuable information technology (IT) resources, decrease staffing needs and enable enterprises to invest in activities that differentiate them from the competition. This demand for managed services has spurred significant action on the part of technology vendors and telecommunications operators. Vendors like HP, Cisco and IBM now provide managed services that include contact center management, call center, network and performance management and more. Operators like Orange, AT&T and Verizon are also committed to expanding their portfolios with managed services, especially in areas such as network security, data center, videoconferencing and telepresence.

Managed Services for Enterprises focuses on network-centric managed services offered by operators and technology vendors in areas such as network security, data center, videoconferencing and telepresence to enterprises. First, we leverage our enterprise survey data to highlight emerging market opportunities for telecom operator- or vendor-managed services. Second, we mine the survey results and present a case study to determine the key reasons why enterprises of all sizes have embraced and are benefitting from managed services. Third, we examine industry trends over the next 18-24 months. Fourth, we highlight key target enterprise markets for operators and vendors looking to expand their managed services footprint. The report concludes with a demand analysis and recommendations for operators and technology vendors.

Key findings include:

  • A significant number of enterprises are willing to spend large portions of their IT budgets — between 10% and 20% — on network-centric managed services, as operators and vendors continue to prove the value and reliability of their offerings.
  • The majority of enterprises — almost 60% — already use a managed service and have been doing so for between one and four years, a major coup for operators and vendors.
  • The European market has had the strongest uptake in managed services, driven in large part by the challenges of managing and maintaining business across multiple borders. However, the economic recession has led more North American enterprises to incorporate managed services into their business ecosystems in order to lower costs and improve employee productivity. Additionally, emerging markets, such as those in Africa and Latin America, are ripe for managed services, especially as broadband becomes more established.

Key questions answered include:

  • Why are enterprises adopting managed services?
  • Who are the key managed service providers?
  • What industry trends are emerging for managed services?

Target audience

Telecom network outsourcing providers:
Gain a fresh perspective on where the telecom managed network services industry is going and the challenges that lie ahead. Identify successful strategies for introducing and promoting advanced, high-margin services to network operators; draw on the experience of others to help your clients grow and prosper.

Network operators:
Learn how managed services and network sharing can offer cost benefits and revenue opportunities. Anticipate changes in the telecom managed network services industry. Understand why outsourcing your network management allows you to shift your focus to the areas that matter the most, particularly your relationship with the customer.

Use this analysis to understand who is best positioned to succeed and to assess upcoming opportunities.

Equipment and application providers:
Develop an understanding of how the role of telecom managed services is evolving, particularly in machine-to-machine managed services, and how this will affect your market leverage over both the short and long terms. Use these insights to successfully position your offerings and enhance your value proposition.

Companies mentioned in this report include:


Dolce & Gabbana
Donna Karan
Global Crossing

India Telecom


Managed Services for Enterprises: Telco Operators and Vendors Capitalize on the Need of Businesses to Focus is part of Pyramid’s research report series. A blend of primary research and qualitative analysis, Pyramid’s research reports offer comprehensive coverage of the fixed and mobile communications space and enable those in the communications industry to stay ahead of changing market dynamics. For more information about this report, please contact us via email at  or telephone at + 1 ( 617) 747-4100

Author: Ozgur Aytar

Publication Date: January 2011

Price: $3,495.00   

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