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WiMAX in Emerging Markets
Operator Lessons in Strategy and Technology

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 Pages 86 |  Exhibits:  40 

After years of anticipation and hyperbole, WiMAX has now seen the light of day in 305 deployments across 118 countries, according to the WiMAX Forum’s count in June 2008. Emerging markets, short on broadband offerings, accounted for more than 60% of subscribers on WiMAX networks globally in 2007. In this report, Pyramid Research provides an in-depth assessment of commercial WiMAX networks and operator go-tomarket strategies in emerging economies. The report examines the competitive dynamics, end-user demand patterns and market potential of WiMAX, from adoption rates to spectrum licensing trends.

Built around nine case studies of WiMAX operators in emerging markets, WiMAX in Emerging Markets analyzes best practices and lessons learned about addressable customer segments, marketing strategies, product and pricing strategies, and distribution methods for WiMAX networks. Highlighting what works and what doesn’t — based on the experience of commercial operators — this report uncovers the pain points and the keys to success for both WiMAX operators and vendors.

The operator case studies included in this report focus on the following analysis:

  • The target customer segments and adoption drivers of WiMAX across different market segments and end-user usage patterns.
  • Operator positioning strategies and key service differentiators.
  • Product and pricing strategies.
  • Promotion and distribution strategies.

Operators examined in case studies:

 Dialog, Sri Lanka  Telmex, Chile
 Enforta, Russia  Umniah, Jordan
 Max Telecom, Bulgaria  Wateen, Pakistan
 OneMax, Dominican Republic  Zain, Iran
 Pars Online, Iran  




Key questions answered

  • What are the key differences in the WiMAX business models of developed and emerging markets?
  • How big is the WiMAX opportunity in emerging markets?
  • Which market segments have adopted WiMAX to date and how could operators expand their reach?
  • What are the differentiated selling points for WiMAX?
  • What types of services do WiMAX operators provide? Which ones are mostsuccessful?
  • How should operators price WiMAX?

Target audience

This report allows you to identify successful strategies for positioning, pricing and promoting your WiMAX-based offerings, to quantify market demand for WiMAX-based services through 2012 and to benchmark performance against other players in emerging markets.

Equipment and application providers
This report provides operator insights into the challenges that they have faced in network rollouts and operations. Use these insights as well as operator best practices and benchmarks to successfully position your  equipment and services as well as to enhance your value proposition.

Financial services, investment firms
This report provides a thorough grounding in the salient issues facing commercial WiMAX networks today as well as in current and projected adoption rates. Use this analysis to understand who is best positioned to succeed and to assess upcoming opportunities in the WiMAX market.

Companies mentioned in this report:

América Móvil/Telmex
Baring Vostok Capital Partners
Bessemer Venture Partners
Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC)
Cisco Systems
Danske Telecom
Dialog Broadband Networks (DBN)
Dialog Telekom
Entel PCS

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)
Laser Telecom
Max Solutions
Max Telecom
MS Key Group
One Max
Packet One Networks
Pars Online
Reliance Communications
Sri Lanka Telecom

Tata Communications
Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI)
Telekom Austria
Telmex (Chile)
Telmex (Mexico)
VTR Global Com
Wateen Telecom
Zain Bahrain
Zain Group
ZyXEL Communications


Author: Özgür Aytar, Senior Research Manager, Broadband Media

Publication Date: July 2008

Price: $2,490.00   

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