Insatiable desire for connected devices in the UK means average consumer now owns 2.5 each, says Pyramid Research

21 November 2016

Over the last year, UK consumers have been accumulating an increasing number of connected devices, as appetites for mobile content and digital payment methods burgeon, according to insight from Pyramid Research.

The company’s latest Digital Consumer Analyzer (DCA), an end-user survey-based report, indicates that UK consumers owned on average 2.5 connected devices as of Q3 2016, including smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, smart TVs, fitness bands and smart watches, an increase of 10% since Q3 2015. Of respondents, 72% said they owned a smartphone and/or a phablet, a continuous increase triggered by the enhancement of network speeds and coverage across the country.

Stephanie Char, Analyst for Pyramid Research, explains: “4G capability is a growing catalyst for respondents to change mobile phone. In fact, 35% of users said they are looking to replace their handsets in the next six months.”


Source: Digital Consumer Analyzer, Pyramid Research, Q3 2016.

The adoption of subscription-based, over-the-top video platforms, particularly Netflix and Amazon Prime, has been increasing on a quarterly basis among UK customers. In addition, the number of customers paying for additional video content as a one-off event has also been growing as UK adoption trends move from a time-scheduled viewing model towards an on-demand model.

“To cater for this trend of video on-the-move, battery life, screen quality/resolution, and sound quality in handheld devices have become the most important attributes considered by mobile phone users when purchasing a new smartphone,” adds Char.

The report also shows that customers’ awareness of mobile payment options continues to increase with 47% of respondents confirming having used a mobile payment app (mostly PayPal) in Q3 2016, 9 percentage points more year-on-year. 

Despite this, Char notes: “Customers’ perception of the risk associated with mobile payment applications continues to be higher than 30%. Indeed, the survey finds that although the idea of swapping credit/bank cards for alternative mobile payment methods is gaining appeal, security continues to be an important deterrent.”

Editor’s Notes

- Comments provided by Stephanie Char, Analyst for Pyramid Research.

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