Key factors to continue shaping the enterprise cloud market in the Middle East

10 December 2015
A new report by Pyramid Research has identified seven key factors that will impact the adoption of enterprise cloud services in the Middle East.
Seven predominant factors are shaping the market in the region and overall cloud services adoption is at an inflection point. “These factors provide a 360 degree overview, covering all elements of the value chain from suppliers, distributors, consumers and governing bodies. The amalgamation of these factors enables both a micro and macro understanding of market dynamics and growth prospects from a regional and country level perspective,” says Hussein Ahmed, analyst at Pyramid Research. The report offers investors, telcos and ICT companies in-depth insights into areas of opportunities and the potential challenges they may face in key markets.

Uptake of cloud services by the public sector and state-owned companies is a significant driver of overall adoption of cloud service in the region.

A key highlight relates to the fact that cloud computing is a fundamental element of public-sector IT initiatives in many countries within the region. This includes large-scale initiatives such as e-government projects, smart city projects and IT upgrades by large state-owned corporations. Ahmed states, “Contracts by public bodies have already been awarded to ICT companies and professional services firms to support cloud migration plans. Further adoption by both the public and private sector in specific markets will be determined by a variety of factors including the availability high-speed broadband connectivity, development of competitive landscapes and regulatory support to address data protection concerns.”

Understanding the market opportunity for cloud computing in this diverse region requires a new approach.

Middle Eastern markets are drastically varied in terms of demographics, economic growth, political structures and cultural practices. “There is a lot of research available on cloud adoption - the key strength of this report is that it covers a variety of crucial factors to offer well-founded and easy to understand conclusions and recommendations to support investment and strategic decisions,” says Ahmed. For example, it's been identified that markets such as Egypt and Iran are long-term opportunistic markets in the region, while more developed markets such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey and Israel will become hubs for cloud services and general ICT service innovation. 
All information in this text is based on the Pyramid Research report 'Enterprise cloud services in the middle east - seven factors that will impact adoption,' published in October 2015.
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