Workflow Tools & Services

We deliver our unique data and analysis using innovative interfaces and tools, which are designed to fluidly fit within your workflow.

Our range of workflow tools allow quick and easy analysis of the telecoms market. Covering Fixed and Mobile Communications, Mobile Devices, PayTV and Multiplay Services, our tools can help you gain a great overview of the industry, which can be augmented with the more detailed analysis we provide in our research reports.

Market Data Explorer

The Telecom Market Data Explorer is designed to allow you to quickly spot trends and opportunities across the telecoms industry.


Our proprietary charting system allows simple or complex data visualizations to be created quickly and simply, allowing you to focus on analysing trends and opportunities.

Market Analyzers

Our Market Analyzers provide comprehensive global coverage of the telecoms industry at an operator level, allowing you to identify trends in an ever changing landscape.


Powerful cube charting software allows you to build complex queries showing data at its most granular.

Operator level data is available for both fixed and mobile communications; showing market share and value data across the range of relevant operators and metrics.