Analyst Notes

For a look at what our industry-leading Analysts are saying about the main events and trends impacting the telecommunications industry and its players, please review our Analyst Notes section.

  • From Digital Content to M-Wallets: M-Payment Strategies for Operators 25 July 2013 This report critically assesses the involvement of mobile operators in the m-payment value chain and the opportunity the ecosystem presents. It is structured around 10 operator case studies, each outlining the success factors of particular mobile payment strategies implemented by service providers worldwide. Besides examining the m-payment business models adopted by operators in different geograph…
  • Buy-back and Trade-in Programs Reduce The Weight of Subsidies for Mobile Operators 01 July 2013 Through buy-back and trade-in programs, mobile customers are encouraged to sell back their old smartphones to the operator in exchange for cash, service vouchers, gift cards and such. The second-hand devices are subsequently refurbished and sold back to other customers.
  • Operators as Merchant Aggregators: M-Commerce Strategy 01 May 2013 For mobile operators, merchant aggregation is an attractive opportunity that can be approached in different ways. The key prerequisite for a successful online mall is to provide a secure, trusted and easy-to-use environment for browsing through and paying for online products and services.
  • Cellular M2M Connections 23 January 2013 Cellular M2M Connections looks at the developments in the cellular M2M market, providing in-depth country, regional and application-level forecasts underpinned by an in-depth analysis of some of the key drivers and challenges that the market faces: This is of particular importance given the variance in forecasts available. More information about this report...
  • Smart About Smartphones 01 April 2010 Pyramid Research Senior Analyst Stela Bokun highlights the main trends in the global smartphone market for Light Reading TV.
  • Europe Telecom Research Highlights 01 April 2010 Pyramid Research Europe Research Manager Julian Morrison discusses the opportunities and challenges facing market participants in the Europe region. These include harmonization, both through EU directives and regulations and from operators themselves, an increasing level of divergence between Western Europe and Central & Eastern Europe, and costs related to end users and network deployment.
  • Africa and Middle East Telecom Research Highlights 01 April 2010 Pyramid Research Africa & Middle East Research Director Sonia Jorge discusses the increased activity on the 3G licensing front in the AME region as well as the growing access to undersea cables and how this new level competition has affected broadband markets. She also discusses impressive CAGRs being seen from new revenue streams.
  • Latin America Telecom Research Highlights 01 April 2010 Pyramid Research Latin American Research Director Gerardo Sandoval discusses the opening of the Costa Rican telecom market, the upcoming 4G spectrum auction in Chile and trends in regional broadband penetration rates.