Pyramid Research Digital Consumer Analyzer: Insights on the UK Connected Market

14 October 2015

The Q3 2015 Digital Consumer Analyzer for the UK market reveals a high level of customer satisfaction with mobile and fixed broadband service providers in UK – 86% and 79% respectively – although mobile customers perceive a better “value for money”. However, fixed broadband customer satisfaction has been declining over the last three quarters, mostly due to reduced satisfaction with customer service and technical support despite faster speeds have been well appreciated. 4G has moved beyond early-adopter status and consumers declared that its benefits are now clearer than a few quarters ago; however, the main barriers to 4G adoption remain the high cost of a 4G price plan and the fact that 3G speeds are perceived to be sufficient by low-usage data subscribers. 24% of mobile phone users were looking to replace their handset in the following 6 months, showing a decrease from the previous two quarters. Three of the most desired phones are Apple and two are Samsung. This is reflected in Pyramid Research’ smartphone sales forecasts: Apple will account for 28% of the cumulative smartphone sales during 2016-2020, compared to 22% for Samsung. Consumer attitude towards mobile payment continues to improve, although trust still remains an issue for consumers. Mobile phones was the primary device used to access mobile banking apps.

Table of Contents

  • Insights on the UK Connected Market
  • Benchmarking analysis: Germany, Netherlands and UK
  • Key recommendations for telecoms service providers
  • Sources and related materials
  • Stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing technology world

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