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M2M cloud platforms accelerate MNO's time to market for valued added services
M2M Cloud platforms help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) develop services, manage and assemble service packages that telcos would otherwise have to integrate themselves, reducing both time-to-market cycles and CAPEX for product launches. Axeda and Jasper have adopted vertical-focused M2M cloud platform strategies to help MNOs capitalize on the IoT and M2M opportunity.
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Apple Watch Overcomes Design Challenges, Sets New Standard for Functionality
At the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on September 9, Apple also announced the Apple Watch. At Pyramid Research, we like the Apple Watch design options and user interface, as well as the range of functions, connectivity and applications the company has managed to pack into such a small device, and expect the Apple Watch to lead the proliferation of smartwatches over the next few years.
Additional analysis: Ozgur Aytar

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The Swiss army knife framework for CapEx optimization
We are far from the days when telecom operators in developed markets showed prodigious profit margins, outpacing the performance of traditional industries. These are indeed tough times: margins are shrinking and competition is becoming increasingly fierce.
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The Apple Watch: Pyramid Research finds Apple’s first move into wearables promising

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